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The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly

Cynthia Broan Gallery
546 West 29th Street, 212-760-0809
June 28 - July 28, 2007
Reception: Thursday, June 28, 6 - 9 PM
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The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly features three artists investigating fantastical surrealist worlds of their own construction and exploring the diverse terrain and psychological states of these unique inner-worlds. Jon Boles’ conglomerated medley bares evidence of the southern schizo existence. The predominately figurative works are based on daydreams and nightmares of the imagination. This work examines a mixture of themes including parenting, incest, abortion, and hip-hop. Elizabeth Deull depicts a mystical storybook landscape where children of a new agey spiritual movement are the prophets, communicating with god, nature and the beyond. These paintings depict characters burdened by their incredible lightness of being, translated through a candy coated psychedelic palette and watery brushwork. Her work draws from images of astronomy, astrology, fairy tale, and psychic new age mythology. Lionel Maunz’s paintings unravel an intricate universe of his own constructed mythology, revolving around the failure of organization, the escape of order and an evolving organization of principles represented by a group of historical characters, such as Peshu Alga, “the first rebel against the Most High God, who lured Archangel Lucifer” and many others. These elusive and detailed worlds are depicted through lushly rendered anamorphic landscapes and fields of biological shapes.
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