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Let’s Bolt

Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center
107 Suffolk Street, between Rivington & Delancey, 212-260-4080
East Village / Lower East Side
August 11 - August 31, 2007
Reception: Saturday, August 11, 6 - 8 PM
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Group show about music and growing up curated by Julie Fishkin, Matt Lucas and Lumi Tan.

How sweet was the first all ages show you went to? You saw the cool older kids, and most importantly, they saw that you too were into awesome bands. High school sucked, sure, but at least you were into the coolest music and your style reflected how alienated and `deep’ you really were. Quoting Morrissey for your school papers and recounting Ian Curtis’ tragic fate to your apathetic classmates… Music enabled you to prove to everyone else who you were and what social category you belonged to; it dictated personal style, the only thing you have going as a teenager. The worst was when you missed on out on what was sure to be the best show ever because your parents were being too uptight or you were just too young. Let’s Bolt – the legendary party that Angela, Rayanne and Rickie were denied entrance to – sums up a paramount experience in growing up, listening to music and discovering subculture through its tacit rules.

This exhibition is about our formative years and how our musical upbringing taught us about love, devotion, rejection and self-discovery. The memory of your first show is tantamount to your first sexual experience, a scary and amazing time of pursuit and attainment. For this exhibition, we asked every artist to design a poster, flyer, zine or anything really for the concert of their dreams they never went to but so passionately wish they did. Forced to scan their memory of good times, regretted moments and immature decisions, they came up with a visual archive of some really fun nights they wish they didn’t miss. Let’s Bolt is about music and the bands we love; it is also a testament to past decades that spawned life-changing moments. If we put every show we ever missed together for one night, we are guaranteed another fucking great time!

Reception: Saturday, August 11th, 6-8pm art preview, 8-12am dance party
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