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Three’s A Crowd

Invisible NYC
148 Orchard Street, between Stanton and Rivington, 212-228-1358
East Village / Lower East Side
September 13 - October 18, 2007
Reception: Thursday, September 13, 7 - 9 PM
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Invisible NYC is proud to host, Three’s A Crowd, a three-person exhibit featuring all new works from California-based artists: NORM, Amandalynn, and PUSH.

NORM is best known for his graffiti art – public and large-scale. His bold and unique work ranges from “blocks” to ambitious full color pieces and productions. NORM’s current work includes the perfect “ghetto graffiti” playground, 3-D sculptures which are sometimes small pieces to be mounted on a wall but can reach as high as sixteen feet. NORM paints, using large bus stop advertisements as his canvas, adding his own flare to the existing imagery. Playing off his graffiti technique, NORM’s unique style is easily recognized and well known throughout the globe. NORM is also currently in the midst of a tattoo apprenticeship with GRIME at Primal Urge Studio in San Francisco.

Amandalynn is a custom painter and restorator of motorcycles, cars, bicycles, sculptures, helmets, signs, drums, and toys with Underground Colors in San Francisco. Additionally, she works as a freelance muralist and participates in group graffiti productions. Amandalynn’s work is recognized by the long-eared green ladies that populate graffiti landscapes and dominate her smaller canvases which present seductive female images surrounded by flowers, fire, serpents, etc. These paintings are clearly influenced by Amandalynn’s love of graffiti and murals and supported by the detailing she flawlessly applies to cars and motorcycles.

PUSH has been creating his art world-wide for the past fifteen years. Based in Los Angeles, he has traveled to Italy, Japan, Australia, Spain and across the United States to create and exhibit work. His cutting-edge graffiti is particularly graphic and often three-dimensional. Other works incorporate a style resembling the fluidity of calligraphy. PUSH takes an approach to all of his art, including graffiti, painting on canvas and ceramic sculpture, that is abstract and minimal in application, execution, and final product. His highly sophisticated design sense has prepared him to undertake a wide range of assignments including that of designer for The Seventh Letter and to explore the field of.

This group show of urban muralists is a rare opportunity to see the “small-scale” pieces of these internationally known and heralded artists. Their collective dynamic and interaction – playing off each other’s work – adds a complimentary and comparative level to their creation. Although collaboration is a characteristic of many graffiti and mural artists, this trio displays a particularly strong array of unique approaches and aesthetics.
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