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This is That

Pace University's Peter Fingesten Gallery
1 Pace Plaza, B Level, 212-346-1637
Tribeca / Downtown
October 23 - December 3, 2007
Reception: Friday, October 19, 6 - 8 PM
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Pace University, at both Westchester and Manhattan Campuses, is pleased to present THiS IS THAT, a traveling group exhibition featuring established and emerging artists whose work examines the conceptual process as a vehicle for speeding past conventional boundaries of medium, theme and subject. Often extreme and antithetical in approach, all of the works included in this exhibition are marked by a flexible self-identity coupled with a strong sense of irony and a critique of modernist and postmodernist concepts.

The underlying common thread is each artists’ exploration of the concept embodied in the show’s title. By reducing this thinking model, which is commonly used in nearly every facet of verbal, written and visual communication to link objects, events and ideas, to its most basic form, THIS IS THAT juxtaposes seemingly disparate elements against one another in reflexive relationships for the purpose of: process, as in Tom McGlynn’s video animation of color progressions; recognition, as in Derek Stroup’s c-prints of iconic consumer products; comparison, as in Scott Sjobakken’s painted diptych of war analogies; or substitution, as in Michelle Loughlin’s fiberglass cast of a hand knitted blanket.

The works selected for this exhibition contain the juxtaposition of a readily assumed initial condition or convention of a “this” against an atypical and often surprising “that” in each instance yielding unique results best described as Hypermodernist prototypes. Some of the works are recognizable derivatives of painting, sculptural, photographic and architectural concepts, while others contain aspects of Modernism or Postmodernism that have been filtered through new technologies and techniques, resulting in a change of intent, design, material, and composition.

THIS IS THAT will include works by: Betsy Alwin, Cecilia Biagini and Dahlia Fischbein, Brendan Carroll, Damian Catera, Diane Jarvi, Mckendree Key, Brian Loughlin, Michelle Loughlin, Tom McGlynn, Roger Sayre, Scott Sjobakken, Derek Stroup.
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