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Fall ‘07 Exhibition

Lower East Side Printshop
306 West 37th Street, 6th Floor, 212-673-5390
Hell's Kitchen
September 10 - November 11, 2007
Reception: Wednesday, September 19, 6 - 8 PM
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The Lower East Side Printshop is pleased to present the Fall ‘07 Exhibition, guest-curated by former Special Edition’s recipient Mary Temple. The Opening Reception will also launch this year’s Mystery Print.

Invited to select artworks made recently at the Printshop by current artists in residence, Mary Temple, in her own words, “was struck by the way many of the artists are utilizing symbols and text in a like-minded approach to a wide range of subject matter. In some cases, such as Deborah Grant’s prints Fuck and More Fucked, the artists are inventing text—printing lush fields of mark-making code, or columnar icons in Melinda Yale’s Fictive Circumstances I and II, that read as personal talismans. Other artist’s works, Shana Agid’s Capital Series and Sarah Nicole Phillips’s Little Brown Barf Bag, for instance, are focusing on phrases that normally enter our consciousness obliquely, through advertising, design, or simple product identification. In Max Liboiron and Kakyoung Lee’s artworks, figures are used almost pictographically, bent shapes spelling out indecipherable but empathetic acts. Even the blank margin of a yellow legal pad in Liz Zanis’ i had a good time last night, functions as potential text, as the viewer is asked to consider the aside, the shorthand comment jotted hastily while maintaining the essential idea. We are invited, in viewing this group of prints, to decipher the artists’ particular codes, leading us to a diversity of messages and revelations.” The exhibition includes the new publication by Deborah Grant, who collaborated with Master Printers James Miller and Doug Bennett to create nine new works with screenprint and archival inkjet collage in editions of nine each.
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