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Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies
16 West 10th Street, 212-260-7050
Greenwich Village
October 21 - November 30, 2007
Reception: Sunday, October 21, 2 - 5 PM
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In the heart of Greenwich Village there exists a psychoanalytic training institute renowned for its innovative development in psychoanalytic theory and practice. Since 1971 we have been training psychoanalysts and with an Absolute Charter from the State of New York granting a Certificate in Psychoanalysis as well as providing low cost treatment. Over these decades, we have seen how analytic training and psychoanalytic treatment can be enlightening and transforming as we begin to experience life more fully and uncover our own specific and individual forms of creativity. For clinicians, CMPS opens new doors in understanding the underpinnings of emotional disorders while offering a unique and comprehensive approach to psychoanalytic technique.

about “Presence”

The first in our new series of art exhibitions and screenings, this show will explore the sense of psychic presence in art. It was curated by internationally recognized artist Kenneth Feingold, who writes about the concept of the show, “The human figure, in one way or another, has been a focus of art from its beginnings; but rather than examining the figure itself, here we look to focus attention on the ways in which the artists’ representations evoke familiar aspects of the interiority of the person and are able to evoke certain affective responses in the viewer. In particular, this group of works produces feelings in me that might be described as disquiet, a form of anxiety along the boundary of absence/presence, as if a sense of the presence of something which is absent or the absence of something which is present. “

“Presence” will include more than forty works by fifteen artists in a wide variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography.

about the artists

ANDREA COTE writes about her work: ” `Faces’ explores the fine line between sanity and madness, both literally and metaphorically. The series began in 1998, when I photographed myself during an episode of manic psychosis. I sandwiched the images together, creating portraits that reveal the conflicting emotions erupting just beneath the surface. I retain the scratches that show the physicality and wear of the images over time, much like our bodies carry the marks of our experiences. Dark mirrors of the personal and universal, these portraits reveal the human capacity for terror, fear, jealousy, confusion, and desire within every one of us.

RICHARD L. DANA is an artist, independent curator, and arts administrator based in Washington, DC. His work has been exhibited extensively regionally, nationally, and internationally. Mr. Dana has had over 18 solo exhibitions and participated in over 60 group exhibitions. Selected exhibitions in the United States include the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; the Drawing Center, New York, NY, Tribes Gallery, New York, NY; the International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC; and the Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC. Internationally Mr. Dana has exhibited in Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. The artist is self-taught. He has a BA in Russian Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Before dedicating his life to art, Mr. Dana worked as a Soviet Affairs expert and international economist in Washington, DC. Richard l. Dana

CRISTINA FONTSAR lives and works in Barcelona, where she studied Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture. She writes, ” From the beginning of my work the major theme has been space – space as a place for activities and games. I found that I am not interested in sculpture as an object that looks at itself, but rather, as an element in a public space that creates an aesthetic, social, and functional situation. In that situation, the viewer has an important role in the work. And so, by interacting with real public space, my interest in landscape design was born. The next extension from there was photography. By using photography as a tool to approach and analyze landscape I have realized that this medium allowed me a more emotional an intimate relationship with my work and therefore with the viewer.” She exhibited widedly in Spain and has realized many projects in public spaces. Cristina Fontsara

ANNETTE ELIZABETH FOURNET has exhibited her photography at galleries and museums in France, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, and the United States. Her work is included in numerous public and corporate collections including the San Diego Museum of Photographic Art, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Prague House of Photography, Dum Fotografie Slovakia, Moravska Trebova Museum, and the Hungarian Multicultural Center. In the U.S. her work is represented by the Joseph Bellows Gallery, San Diego, CA; AfterImage Gallery, Dallas, TX; and the Mason Murer Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Annette Fournet lives in Memphis, TN, and in Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently teaching photography at the University of Memphis. Annette Fournet

COLETTE FU graduated with an MFA in fine art photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2003. Although her background is in French language and literature, she picked up her passion for photography after a 3-year long stay in China teaching English. Since then, she has supported her artmaking through odd jobs, fellowships, and artist residencies like the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, the Sacatar Foundation in Brazil, and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art to name a few. She will be going to her mother’s hometown in China next year as a Fulbright Scholar to make a body of photographic work about the minorities of Yunnan Province in the format of a pop-up book. Colette Fu

DAN GILHOOLEY earned a PHD and an MA in Psychoanalysis from the Boston Graduate School for Psychoanalysis, an MA in Fine Arts from Hunter College, and a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in New York where he has served as a clinical fellow and faculty member. For the past 25 years he has been a dean and professor of visual art at Suffolk County Community College on Long Island, and he has been the recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for both Professional and Teaching Excellence. In addition to his work as an educator, he enjoys careers as both an artist and psychoanalyst. As a visual artist he has had 18 one-person exhibitions and participated in over 120 group exhibitions nationally. His recent psychoanalytic publications include, “Misreading and Misrepresentation in the Case of Anna O,” “Walking the Floor over You,” and “Aspects of Integration and Disintegration in Patient Speech.” Elected to the National Academy of Design in 1991, he received a Gradiva Award for Art Contributing to an Understanding of Psychoanalysis. He is in private practice in New York City and Bellport, Long Island. Dan Gilhooley

HEATHER GOODWIND lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1973 and grew up in Berkeley, California. In 1996 she graduated from Portland State University, OR, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture. She lived in New York City from 1997 until 2003 when she moved to Argentina. She will be in China from October of 2007 to August of 2008. She writes, “I am fascinated by languages and communication, both verbal and non-verbal. The way that people relate to themselves, each other and the world around them is the subject matter for my artwork.” Heather Goodwind

LINDA HALL writes, “I am an artist and art instructor living in Tallahassee, Florida. My art mediums are watercolor, painting, and sculptures made of paper mache and fabric. I have taken a year off teaching in the art department at Florida State University, and I am currently serving as an Americorps member in a State Park called Wakulla Springs that is just south of Tallahassee. As a member I am learning about the natural world and leading park visitors on boat excursions down the Wakulla River. This experience informs my artwork because am focusing on the separation and the overlap of the natural world and the human made one.

STEVAN JENNIS’s artwork has been shown nationally and internationally including such places as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of Art, The Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Albright-Knox Gallery. In addition, he has shown extensively in the Hudson Valley: at the Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon; Bard College, Center for Curatorial Studies; The Hudson Opera House; Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson; Northpointe Cultural Center, Kinderhook, Spencertown Academy; and The Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy. He is represented in many private and corporate collections. He writes that he “was inspired by my father, who was an artist and Merchant Mariner.” Jennis attended UCLA graduate school, receiving an MA in art, then went on to the University of Massachusetts where he taught and earned an MFA in painting and sculpture. Jennis lives in Dutchess County. Stevan Jennis

LYNNE LAUB is a psychoanalyst practicing individual and group analysis in Manhattan. Her artistic work originated in response to feelings that developed from working with patients at Creedmore State Hospital more than 30 years ago. She continues to express unconscious communications on canvas and paper in symbolic form and colorations. Dr. Laub has exhibited on Long Island and Manhattan.

CARMEN LIZARDO was born in La Romana, a small town in the Dominican Republic; she has been living in New York for 14 years. Lizardo creates mixed-media work that combines alternative photographic processes with digital media, painting, and printmaking methods. Her must recent work explores issues race, gender, identity, and alienation from both her birth land and the US, her homeland. In addition to her studio work, Carmen Lizardo is an Associate Professor of Drawing, Design, and Digital Media at the State University of New York at New Paltz. She holds a BFA and MFA from Pratt Institute. She prints in her darkroom at home and paints in her studio in Kingston, New York. Carmen Lizardo

STEVEN POSER is a practicing psychoanalyst, faculty member, and training analyst at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in New York City. In the 1970’s, he managed John Gibson Gallery in Soho and was a consultant to the Whitney Museum, Programming Director of the Artists’ Television Network, and a Visiting Critic in Drew University’s New York Semester on Contemporary Art. An exhibiting painter since 1991, he has shown in ten one-person and eight group shows, including the Weatherspoon Gallery, University of North Carolina; Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany; White Box, New York City; and Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY. He received the 1997 Gradiva award in painting from the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, and in 1998 was Visiting Artist at the Boston University School of Fine Art. He practices psychoanalysis in New York City and maintains a studio in the Hudson Valley. Steven Poser

KRISTA STEINKE is an artist working in photography, video, and mixed media. She was born in Richmond, VA and spent most of her childhood growing up in Texas. She received a BA in the Advanced Humanities from Valparaiso University, a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and her MFA in Photography and Digital Imaging from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her work has been included in exhibitions from New York to LA and her time-based work has been featured in several film and video festivals. Her awards and fellowships include First Place for the Singular Image at CENTER, Santa Fe; a United University Professional’s grant in 2003, and the Henry Walter’s Traveling Fellowship in 2000. She is an Assistant Professor at Moravian College. Krista Steinke

AMY STIENBARGER was born in Sturgis Michigan. She received a BS in Film/Video with an Animation emphasis from Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI.; she also received a BFA in Fine Arts and Sculpture and an MFA in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts, New York. Her works have been included in exhibitions “Not Right”, Tower Fine Art Gallery, Brockport, NY; “Hallway Project”, PS122 Gallery, New York; “Project Diversity”, Skylight Gallery, Brooklyn, “Benediction ‘05” and “Goliath Collective” at Goliath Visual Space, Brooklyn; “Processes”, Eastside Gallery, New York; “Mi Woman Artists Exhibition”, Sisson Gallery, Dearborn among others. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Amy Stienbarger

MIYUKI TSUSHIMA grew up in Tokyo, where economic advancement held the highest priority. At the age of 15, she was told to drop the idea of being an artist until she retired from a successful business career or married into wealth. Partially following this advice, she studied political science and became a journalist, then studied environmental economics at Harvard University. However, a weekend Greyhound bus trip from Boston to New York City convinced her to drop all classes in economics and to begin a second life as an artist in New York City. Born prematurely into her new life, the Aaron Siskind Foundation aided her survival. She received an MFA from School of Visual Arts in 2003. About her work, she writes, “If you are an animal you will be hunted down. I tell the ongoing tale of three imaginary creatures, a radioactive evil flying squirrel, a caveperson, and a headless bear, who must learn to survive in this city. Scumbled white backgrounds depict their lost habitat, perhaps of rocks or snow. While humorous at times, the prevailing effect is melancholy alienation. Their plight reflects that of animals today, of the earth itself, and even my situation as a foreigner, immigrant, or resident `alien’.” Miyuki Tsushima

about the curator

KENNETH FEINGOLD, curator of the exhibition, has been exhibiting his artwork in film, video, sculpture, drawing, and installation since 1974. During 2005-2006 a mid-career survey of his work was held at ACE Gallery, Los Angeles, including more than twenty installations and eighty artworks. Among the numerous awards and honors Feingold has received, the most recent include a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship (2004) and a Rockefeller Foundation Media Arts Fellowship (2003). He has taught at Princeton University and Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, among others. His works have been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, NY; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Tate Gallery, Liverpool, and many other museums. He has traveled widely, living for extended periods of time in India, Japan, and Argentina and working for shorter periods in many other countries. He lives in New York, where he is a member of the Society of Modern Psychoanalysts. Kenneth Feingold
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