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Natalie Moore and Marcin Ramocki


166 North 12th Street, 917-301-6680
October 20 - November 18, 2007
Reception: Saturday, October 20, 7 - 9 PM
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Natalie Moore mirage

A sculptural landscape. When the sun sets and after the sunsets and before it is night, the sky has light but there is no actual sun. The light is very soft and there is something magic about it. It limits with some kind of magic look, a softening beauty and fragility.

Project Space: new doors by John Giglio

Marcin Ramocki

blogger skins

“Online presence” used to be a public relations catch phrase. In the last 3 years this strange concept revealed its very real powers. Google based searches became official introductions, performed shortly after, if not before, the actual handshake.

We have entered the era of identity superstructures: complex sets of search engine outcomes based on our activities, popularity, name itself, purposeful efforts and a whole bunch of random data fluctuation. We are growing second skins, made out of words, links and images: exciting, addictive and sometimes completely meaningless.

“blogger skins” is a project based on time-specific capturing of image Google searches. The community most sensitive to this new phenomenon, and par excellence conceptually most related, is the world of pro-bloggers. For this project I chose five art bloggers: Tom Moody (, Paddy Johnson (, RĂ©gine Debatty (, James Wagner ( and Joy Garnett ( and performed specific image searches on their names. The thumbnails of first 100 images were imported (in the order of appearance) into an HTML editor and compiled into an image map, reflecting the original Google layout and popularity of search items.

The mosaic-like products are super-portraits of bloggers, reflecting not necessarily who they are as human beings, but how the Internet “sees” them.

Special thanks to Paul Slocum, who made me realize that, the only way to reference nonlinearity is through capturing its linear representation
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