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Audrey Ushenko, Recent Work

Denise Bibro Fine Art
529 West 20th Street, 4th Floor, 212-647-7030
October 11 - November 3, 2007
Reception: Thursday, October 11, 6 - 8 PM
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Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to announce the seventh solo exhibition for Audrey Ushenko, Recent Work. Ushenko skillfully combines a unique eye for detail evoking modern realism along with the quintessential soft lights and shadows of the Impressionist masters. With this exhibit, Ushenko continues her exploration of social interaction and our relationship to the natural and constructed world around us.

In each of Ushenko’s works, we are casual observers of a domestic, suburban life – witness to the private spaces of the artist. It brings to mind the effeminate d├ęcor of a parlor scene, or a window showcasing domesticity; a unique take on the suburban life. One still life captures her artist’s living room in a contemplative mode-a literal “room with a view.” Perhaps a statement on the ever-disappearing “American Dream” and the unsettling middle-ground the United States currently finds itself, her imagery has a certain undertone of disquiet. Quaint though her still lifes may be, there’s a stark coldness to each of her brushstrokes. Concentrating on a color palette of flesh tones set amidst a desolate winter backdrop, she injects a humanlike quality to objects that are not living.

Ushenko’s work in many ways concentrates on the tranquilities of Americana and the rapidly vanishing middle class. Her work also brings to mind the light- dappled portraiture of Eric Fischl’s earlier work and the broad brushwork and constant motion of Lucien Freud’s subjects’ physicality.

Audrey Ushenko earned her Masters and Ph.D. in Art History from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She has exhibited extensively throughout the U.S., including the National Academy of Design, NYC; and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Bloomington, IN.
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