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Jouissance, Fritz Chesnut, Amy Finkbeiner, Danny Hobart


Autoversion, LTD
453 West 17th Street, 4th floor, 212-242-0060
October 19 - November 17, 2007
Reception: Friday, October 19, 6 - 8 PM
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Beginning Friday, October 19th, Autoversion, Ltd presents Jouissance, an exhibition of artists exploring the use and rights of pleasure. From agony to ecstasy and back again, Fritz Chesnut, Amy Finkbeiner and Danny Hobart guide their viewers through a curious spectrum of indulgence.

Fritz Chesnut is an artist fascinated by the relationship between the audience and the performer. He includes six works in the show; all portraits of karaoke participants writhing in unrestrained gratification as they perform hits by Iggy Pop, The Ramones, AC/DC and others. Chesnuts impeccably detailed charcoal drawings escort the viewer through every crevasse of his subjects rock n roll ecstasy.

Amy Finkbeiner is an artist who takes a secular approach towards transcendental and religious states of mind. Her work, Sexy Jesus, renders the Son of God in one of his most iconic poses except Finkbeiner implies this image clearly has sexual content. In Saint John the Baptist, in the guise of a great eagle, flew to her and filled her mouth with nectar, Finkbeiner takes biblical allegory and combines it with old-school Hollywood glamour. Depicting religious motifs by way of earthly delights, Finkbeiner embraces the ecstasy of majesties yet by no means confines the enjoyment to other worldliness.

Danny Hobart is an artist savoring the rights of death (or at least, coming close to death.) Be it by self-asphyxiation or a mere vibe in the air, Hobart injects the aura of the almost dead into his masterful artworks and offers the viewer a mystical side to the experience. Included in the show are two drawings, one of a young woman, the other of a skull; both adorned with plastic bags over their heads. Hobart also offers up a haunting still life reminiscent of 17th century Dutch masterworks.

Jouissance has been co-curated by Ryan Cummings, Karen King and Patrick Vega. The exhibition is on view through November 17th at Autoversion, Ltd.
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