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Something for the Commute

Brooklyn Fire Proof (Richardson)
101 Richardson Street, between Leonard St. and Meeker Ave., 718-302-4702
November 9, 2007 - January 13, 2008
Reception: Friday, November 9, 7 - 10 PM
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Brooklyn Fire Proof is pleased to present Something for the Commute, a three-person exhibition of artworks by Ethan Greenbaum, S.E. Nash and Karla Wozniak.

When traveling, receiving information, or being entertained, the urban and digital commuter has grown accustomed to interfacing with a jumble of visual icons, informational screens and animated text. The process of decoding and consuming cultural signs and images has given rise to an uncertainty in our relationships to place, meaning and tactility. The artists in Something for the Commute take this ambiguity as their point of departure, making works that engage in the shifting and transient nature of space, both real and virtual.

Ethan Greenbaum’s sculptural hybrids integrate the logic of text, architecture, and commercial display. His pieces incorporate these quotidian sources—they are legible but beyond functionality. S.E. Nash constructs paintings and sculptures that reference current global architecture projects and the interplay between real spaces and virtual ones. By relating the act of viewing art objects to the act of surfing the net, her work becomes a browsable surface. Karla Wozniak’s paintings present the urban environment as an interconnected grouping of logos and text. The hand-painted qualities of the work highlight the idiosyncrasies of individual perception while her tightly grouped compositions share an affinity with the cluttered desktop icons of a personal computer.

The show brings together three artists with distinct practices and overlapping concerns. All three investigate the ambiguous meeting points of the physical and visual, the aesthetic and the informational. Taken as a group, they highlight the transient and constructed aspects of mainstream visual culture, while articulating individual responses within it.
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