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Early Worm Gets the Bird

Cinders Gallery
28 Marcy Avenue, 718-388-2311
November 16 - December 30, 2007
Reception: Friday, November 16, 7 - 10 PM
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Brian Chippendale, Jungil Hong, and Kevin Hooyman

Fantastical forests that hold many secrets, human-animal-alien hybrids asking existential questions and an infectious obsessiveness for dense repetition are all common traits amongst the work in this 3 person show. Each artist creates their own imaginary other-worlds that go beyond their own realities to tap into a collective subconscious that reveal truths about what’s happening around them. Gentrification, waste, human-made destruction, and a love of plants, animals, and discovery are all shared sentiments throughout their work.

Kevin Hooyman’s drawings cover every available inch of the page in densely beautiful line work that often tells stories of animals waxing philosophical with each other deep in the forest where bearded wise men seek refuge amongst the magic of nature to ponder existential dilemmas. We first encountered his work through his self-published comics, entitled Themes of the Day and Language Change.

Brian Chippendale’s eye peeling candy colored cut and paste silk-screened collages feature hypnotic patterned backgrounds that create intergalactic industrialized wastelands for broken down cars, flowerbeds, machine guns, animals, and bobbly-headed dudes to inhabit. Reminiscent of the fun in reassembling G.I. Joe figures to make new ones, the characters often appear clumsy and uncomfortable with mix-matched body parts while exclaiming hilarious and sometimes serious political sentiments like, “Hello poor people, we are here to exploit…I mean invest…in your neighborhood.”

Jungil Hong’s work, similar in her methods of silk-screening and collage, create darker more ethereal landscapes with lots of animals and bird-headed humans, exquisite trees in black forests and deep red volcanic mountains. Surreal scenes emerge where often a foreboding doom seems to be on the horizon. Jung’s work feels gothic, as well as a fresh take on more traditional printmaking and tapestry work that she infuses with bold colors and psychedelia.

Brian and Jung live in a warehouse in Providence, R.I. Brian was co-founder of legendary art compound Fort Thunder and is the manic drumming half of the bass/drum noisy duo Lightning bolt. Jung has like 150 plants. Kevin lives in a shack in a small town in Climax, NY. Kevin used to live across the street from Fort Thunder. All three artists went to RISD. We are excited to have them all under one roof. Finally.
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