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Pace Digital Gallery
163 William Street, 212-346-1814
Tribeca / Downtown
November 13 - December 14, 2007
Reception: Tuesday, November 13, 5 - 7 PM
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Video based artwork by Chris Borkowski, Bethany Fancher, Gerald Förster, Taras Hrabowsky, Jennifer Jacobs, Eric Payson, Second Front, Mark Tribe, and [dNASAb]

Curated by Lee Wells

“Nothing ­ including ourselves ­ can be defined intrinsically; we are all in some sense extrinsic and relational achievements, conflations of body, culture, environment, technology. Moreover, the predominance of televisual and imaging technologies in contemporary technoculture has meant that our visual tools become inseparable from what we might discern as our own perceptual and bodily boundaries as access to the world.” Ingrid Richardson, Telebodies & Televisions: Corporeality and Agency in Technoculture, 2003

TELECULTURE is a survey that brings together a diverse group of new media artists, whose work – ranging from photography to online virtual reality – embodies, a cross section of thought that investigates perceptions of identity in the early 21st century. Pace Digital Gallery offers a unique and challenging public environment, where as, through the sheer verticality of the space, the selected artworks combine to visually communicate a sense of claustrophobic post-millennial anxiety mixed with an un-definable euphoria, liberation, and freedom.
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