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Liz Craft

Marianne Boesky Gallery
509 West 24th Street, 212-680-9889
November 17 - December 22, 2007
Reception: Friday, November 16, 6 - 8 PM
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For this show, Craft takes on the reverential and sculptureā€™s potential to be monumental, with large-scale and architectonic sculptures as her inspiration. While these new works are on one level clean minimalist boxes, Craft also continues to mine her particular iconography which draws from hippie, biker, and New Age-y California countercultures. Within each cube and frieze are interiors containing grotto-like inner lives. In one case, using cast commonplace window frames, openings allow the viewer to see the tableaus within. Each interior feels like aggrandized fragments of personal experiences, culled from both quotidian life and dreamlike memory. One contains a cave of stalactites, others are populated with Godzilla, palm trees, cushions, blooming vases, mermaid-like and floating figures. All are finished in a pristine white patina. The arm-like forms that extend from the sculptures feel almost Grecian in their design, yet also infuse the objects with an anthropomorphic strangeness.
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