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Andrew Kuo, What Me Worry?

33 Bond Gallery
33 Bond Street, 212-845-9257
East Village / Lower East Side
November 29, 2007 - January 4, 2008
Reception: Thursday, November 29, 7 - 9 PM
Web Site

What Me Worry, a solo exhibition of Andrew Kuo’s most recent work. Ranging from delicate paper cutouts to graphic charts and minimalist sculptures, the work is a playful interpretation of the artist’s struggle to deal with neurosis, anxiety, and panic disorder.

Strongly inspired and influenced by music, Kuo sees his new work as a reference to the Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album cover: The works on paper and sculptures act as prisms that capture the overload of information and emotions, becoming therapeutic objects that help him quantify and order the world around him. The charts originally emerged as part of a music blog where the artist updated readers on his day and mood. The blog grew in popularity and Kuo was contacted by the New York Times about using his chart system to review music for the Art Section, where he his now a contributor. Here, Kuo’s charts tackle more personal and quixotic themes like “What Scares Me the Most”, “Favorite Places”, and “Every Year of My Life”.

Each piece in the exhibition is meticulously hand cut, layered, drawn or painted, giving it a quasidigital precision. This exactitude is somewhat confusing for the viewer, as it lends a mathematical and computerized feel to something that is fundamentally about the human condition and experience. The information Kuo attempts to categorize is virtually un-measurable as it all deals with raw human emotions—i.e. fear, excitement, stress, etc. Kuo’s work is about processing, categorizing, and ultimately understanding emotion.
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