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Equipped by Sprinkle Brigade

Riviera Gallery
103 Metropolitan Avenue, corner of Wythe, 718-599-5589
November 29 - December 23, 2007
Reception: Thursday, November 29, 7 - 10 PM
Web Site

Sprinkle Brigade unveils the future of Urban Beautification. Their upcoming show entitled, ‘EQUIPPED’ at the Riveria Gallery, focuses on the cutting edge in dog poo decoration. With several years of experience wandering the streets of New York, decorating what most people consider to be the enemy, Sprinkle Brigade looks to put a new face on a tired, old, miserable, subject. Sprinkle Brigade has put together a showing of all their past works as well as bold new ideas on what the future brings.

Sprinkle Brigade was founded in 2005 with one simple goal: Urban Beautification.

Like all great cities around the world, New York City is plagued by dog poo. It draws both scorn and disgust from all who see it. Rather than turn our noses up at the poo, we decided to embrace it â?? to shine a spotlight upon this urban nuisance and turn it into an object of delight. After all, everyone has seen an abandoned piece of poo, but not a poo with a pair of eyes or a small man sitting on it. It is shocking, it is hysterical and it is a subtle reminder that dog poo has no business laying naked in the streets.

Sprinkle Brigade is a New York City based crew comprised of three members: #1, aka, the Stylist. #2, aka, the Closer. #3, aka, the Shepard. We believe the streets are a form of public theatre. Each of us has been making art since birth. For the first time, we have joined forces for a very worthy cause. Each of us comes from a design background; two of us graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and the other from Central Washington University. Collectively, we work across all design fields from advertising and directing, to product design and sculpture.

Our work has been documented around the world on such news networks as Reuters. Weâ??ve been featured in urban culture and fashion magazines, as well as on numerous street art websites and cultural blogs. And most important, our work has been seen by thousands of city dwellers who will never again look at dog poo the same way.
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