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Steed Taylor, Mentors Mark

Schroeder Romero Project Hallway
637 West 27th Street, Ground Floor, 212-630-0722
January 10 - February 16, 2008
Reception: Thursday, January 10, 6 - 8 PM
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Schroeder Romero is pleased to announce a new Hallway Project by Steed Taylor. This is a continuation of Hallway Projects organized alternately by Winkleman Gallery and Schroeder Romero.

Steed Taylor’s statement:

What are road tattoos? If you consider a road the skin of a community, then the relationship of a road to the public body is similar to the relationship of skin to a private body. People mark their skin to commemorate and communicate. A road can be marked for the same reasons. Road tattoos are composed of cultural designs previously appropriated to mark skin. Once the design is drawn on the road, names or other specific information is painted within the design (in this case, names of mentored York College students), a prayer is said and the design is painted in, covering over the information. Subtle, usually close in color to asphalt, road tattoos are made with high-gloss latex causing them to appear and disappear with passing light. Within a few years, traffic and weather dissolve them into the road.
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