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Luxe Gallery
53 Stanton Street, 212-582-4425
East Village / Lower East Side
January 16 - February 10, 2008
Reception: Wednesday, January 16, 7 - 9 PM
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Amelie Chabannes, Dominik Lejman, Heather Bennett, Yoko Ono, Pedro Lasch, Ana Prvacki, Trine Lise Nedreaas, Lisa Roy Sachs, Ellen Harvey, Giada Ripa, Ewa Harabasz, Claire Corey, Suzanna Coffey, Kate Shaw, Darren Wardle, John Menick, Mamoru Tsukada, Brigitte Nahon, Gregor Eldarb, Pia Lindman. Alex Mollov, Lars Strandh, Houben R.T.

And a special edition by The Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia (Bulgaria)

“How does it feel How does it feel to be on your own with no direction home like a complete unknown…”

-Like a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan, c. 1965

Of course, we all know the song, literally and figuratively. Dylan sang out our circular angst, leaving our vulnerability exposed, while Warhol exploited it. The constant, clichéd dance of humanity, the dirty dialectic of trying to grasp hold and sail forth on your individuality, while straining, with and against, that quintessential aloneness. It is a beaten path. We are all alone in the crowd, trying to be different and the same, simultaneously. The artists in “Singular” encompass the amorphous boundaries of this dance. They trace our desperation to fit in, to be encompassed within the loving arms of acceptance, while scratching and sweating in search of our own personal power and ultimately, our 15 minutes. They describe the traps and barricades of others, which lure us with the promise of completeness and then so often foil our particular path and our all-important unique stamp on the world before the inevitable. But there is a hopeful twist on this relatively contemporary, almost trite paradox that penetrates this exhibition: the real, indomitable strength of the individual. Hung deftly in a salon style, “Singular” literally shows us a crowd of individuals on the gallery walls, describing this ubiquitous struggle, together, as originals. Within homogeneity, sometimes exists the archetypal. After all, Dylan did manage to grab a lot more than 15 minutes.

Heather Bennett
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