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Frank Lentini, Tim Lynch, Ian Umlauf

33 Washington Street, (between Water and Plymouth), 718-852-1500
January 25 - February 25, 2008
Reception: Friday, January 25, 7 - 9 PM
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Rabbithole studio presents current works by Brooklyn artists Frank Lentini, Tim Lynch, and Ian Umlauf. Each artist presents his own formal approach to making art in a contemporary environment.

Tim Lynch stages work that may seem abrasive or aggressive alongside pieces that are more subtle and sensitive in nature. In doing so and by using a variety of subject matter, materials, and textures he attempts to create a delicate and perhaps at times indiscernible relationship between the two. He challenges the viewer to reflect on whether a dichotomy of images such as the ones he presents us with can co-exist in one space together.

Frank Lentini takes a traditional approach to painting while he employs his personal form of action painting. Lentini uses a brush, his hand, sanding or pouring to create rich, textured surfaces. His focus is on a balance between decision making and a spontaneous, unpredictable layering process.

Ian Umlauf uses anonymous, found photographs to create relationships that are often formal and thematic. In the resulting spaces, bodies are doubled, interiors and exteriors are conflated, and a myriad of surfaces become points of contemplation. Umlauf’s collages heighten the viewer’s self-awareness through the interplay of these visual conundrums.
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