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More Pleasant Adventures

Secret Project Robot
210 Kent Ave
January 19 - February 10, 2008
Reception: Saturday, January 19, 8 - 10 PM
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A group show organized by Emily Shroeder

With Dawn Blackman,Sarah Morgan, Adam Padavano

More Pleasant Adventures suggests new representation in landscape: in notion, in dream, in memories. Each artist deals with elements in nature (urban and otherwise) and fictional environments. The artists create their own language and criticism, defining memories, defining dreams. Delineating from the real, representing person place and thing, this show aims to portray a sense of what we may be missing, what we may long for, and historically what may have been portrayed as true.

The space to be built would comprise of all the things architects, urban planners, and artists approach intrinsically: abandoned buildings and general leftovers, re-executed in installation. Dawn Blackman uses the tradition of drawing to depict her relationship to and understanding of memory. Speaking specifically in twos, an interesting duality transpires in her works on paper.

Sarah Morgan’s sculptures take elements from the environment in which they are constructed, arranging items and objects found in everyday life. Their tactile quality speak to the idea of dimension in both the literal and dreamscape. Adam Padavano uses the process of artistic production as a path to the discovery of memories and dreams, and the development of new characters and environments. Emily Schroeder, looks at art to represent and reference specific locations and time periods, creating a fictional history parallel to her own. She melds fundamentals of representation and abstraction into a narrative form- creating a new place or placement.

Secret Project Robot is pleased to announce Field reckHord and More Pleasant Adventures. Two separately curated shows which both draw from the imagery of dreams, urban decay, and representation. They focus on the concept of meaning and explore the ability to transcribe memory in a modern landscape distracted by the by-products of an overproductive system.
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