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The Dreamy Dreamer

Hogar Collection
362 Grand Street, 718-388-5022
March 14 - April 21, 2008
Reception: Friday, March 14, 6 - 9 PM
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Martin Gurfein, Miguel Harte, Ned Mansfield, Sharpy and Michael Talley.

The Hogar Collection is very pleased to present the upcoming exhibition, The Dreamy Dreamer, featuring kinetic sculpture, video, photography, and works on paper. The works included conceptually and visually deal with ideas of regeneration, microcosmic and infinite universes, humor, dreams, science, science fiction and the unconscious mind. They allude to and evoke symbolic imagery that is culled from the collective memory producing and revealing endless quizzical enigmas. The works all contextualize basic emotions and convey psychological thriller-like narratives that seemingly drift back and forth between coherent and non cognitive reasoning. What is striking about the works however is not so much the sense of mystery they contain, but that of their self evident mechanisms which fabricate the mysteries. Each artist in the exhibition utilizes a straightforward and direct approach that expands the boundaries of their mediums into new and innovative directions.

In Michael Talley’s most recent sculpture he has created a solar powered lenticular robot that portrays a melancholic portrait of a space bound cosmonaut ready to conquer the air. Projecting human emotions onto a mechanical, man made machine, his work deals with ideas that discuss interjection and implantation of human qualities and emotions unto our machines. He lives and works in Brooklyn and has exhibited his artwork throughout the United States and Europe.

Sharpy’s newest video work, Halo, continues the innovative Brooklyn based duo of Cecila Biagini and Dahlia Fischbein’s investigations of combining video, drawing and homemade music into one medium. Using photographs of clouds to generate a stop motion like animation; their piece delves into the imaginary world of seeing images and scenes in clouds. In a magical and mysterious way, landscapes, people, creatures and such appear and are rendered on top of the clouds, creating a playful and evocative take on the surreal.

In Martin Gurfein’s recent digitally manipulated photographic collages, the Brazilian based artist obsessively repeats and layers images to create kaleidoscopic and spiraling renderings of radio towers and vortexes. His dreamlike montages reflect on the perception of our memory of objects.

Miguel Harte’s fantastical comic like drawings on paper depict microcosmic and expansive universes that are filled with orifices, tubes, black holes, spheres, cells and explosions. They appear to be teaming with multiple energy and life sources that make up and co exist in an expanding and ever-changing space. An important figure in contemporary Argentine art, Harte’s work describes a delicate balance between the beautiful and the unpleasant and finds a harmony that belongs to the world of fantasy and dreams.

In his third show at the gallery, up and coming Brooklyn based Ned Mansfield will present his most recent mechanical sculpture portraying an infant flying through space, as if searching and roaming through dreamland. The suspended and segmented figure protracts and retracts as it explores the realms of the psyche’s transition from childhood to adulthood and explores the endless infatuation of flight.
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