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Sound the Alarm: Landscapes In Distress

Wave Hill
675 West 252nd Street, 718-549-3200
March 8 - June 1, 2008
Reception: Saturday, April 26, 1 - 4 PM
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Opening on Saturday, March 8, Sound the Alarm: Landscapes in Distress explores the indelible impact of human activity on the earth. The featured artists have traveled widely to examine the fragility of varied landscapes. Their work relays the urgency of rapid environmental degradation in landscapes from the Arctic Circle to the Equator. The exhibition includes photography, paintings and video by Wout Berger, Sasha Bezzubov, Edward Burtynsky, Gilles Mingasson, Joan Perlman, Travis Roozée, Susannah Sayler/The Canary Project and Sergio Vega.

On April 5 and 6 a series of environmental films will be screened from 11am to 4pm, including Manufactured Landscapes, directed by Jennifer Baichwal, which documents Edward Burtynsky’s travels observing changes in landscapes due to industrial work and manufacturing. The Town that Was, Polarized, The Curse of Copper and The Fires of the Amazon will be among other films shown.

The Sunroom Project Space will also present a new season of exhibitions by emerging artists. Organized by Assistant Curator Leigh Ross, the first solo exhibit, opening on Saturday, March 8, is by Jung Eun Park, who will transform the intimate space with a collection of delicately molded paper objects that she calls a “flock of new fauna.” Intended to refer to a multitude of floral and aquatic ecological forms, Park’s sculptures are strange, organic hybrids that evoke the enigmatic beauty of the natural world. Joanne Howard opens in the Sunroom on April 25 with an animated projection that features a network of rapidly growing vines, inspired by the lush tangle of plant life that envelops the outer wall of Glyndor House in the warmer months. The animation traces a series of intricate patterns until it explodes in a frenzy of freeform gesture that is meant to reveal humanity’s consuming, and ultimately futile, desire to create order in the persistent entropy of the natural world. Howard’s exhibit closes on Sunday, June 1.
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