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Group Show

OK Harris Works of Art
383 West Broadway, 212-431-3600
March 22 - April 19, 2008
Reception: Saturday, March 22, 3 - 5 PM
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JAMES FLORSCHUTZ Florschutz carves stacks, welds, ties, bends and otherwise manipulates wood, slate, rubber and other natural elements into forms that pulse with a primal organic tension and heady intellectual energy. From evocative cross-sections of societal strata and modernist steel steles filled with slate to clusters of thin maple sticks suspended gracefully on a wall and majestic, room size installations constructed entirely of surveyors stakes, his work is enigmatic, meditative and ardent.

KES ZAPKUS Big Paintings 1975-2007 This group of five large-scale works from 1975 to 2007 underscores Zapkus’ constancy with his specific concept of abstraction. Its premise is to convey a constructed multiplicity of visual occurrences, to imply cerebral processing and to correlate the experience of simultaneously real, synthetic and emotional existence. Articulated fields of pulsation’s, themes and changing inflections (as in a musical composition) are splayed out as the fact of the paintings. The paintings are oil with underlying acrylic or serigraphic techniques on canvas.

ROD PENNER Rod Penners hyperrealistic paintings depict streets and single-family homes in small Texas towns. The works are objective, keenly observed and are as much photojournalism as they are photorealism. The images evoke contrasting responses of melancholy and warmth, desolation and serenity – everything that is small town America.

KEN NADLE Ken Nadle’s photographs employ precise composition and juxtaposition to capture the irony, humor and ephemeral beauty of New York City streets. Reality is documented without artifice or premeditation… spontaneous moments caught un-staged and at the peak of action.

ELLEN STAVITSKY Ellen Stavitsky’s mixed media panels evoke the fleeting quality of the mind. The muted lines and elegant shapes suggest ephemeral images that dart through the brain. The carefully balanced compositions impose a sense of order on the otherwise random nature of thought. Each piece is a repository of meaning and the residue of memories and sensations.
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