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33 Washington Street, (between Water and Plymouth), 718-852-1500
May 1 - June 1, 2008
Reception: Sunday, June 1, 5 - 9 PM
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Rabbitholestudio presents “Memorandum”, a group show curated by Marcie Paper.

In the ballpoint drawings of Magalie Guérin, portraiture collides with geometry. Obsessive blue tinted worlds etched into antique paper engage us intimately as we follow faces and pattern. We triangulate to discover what is present within Guérin’s cropped presentation: it is between the artist, her history, and the geometric movement of memory.

Marcie Paper abstracts the traditional diary into delicate and personal hieroglyphics, layering paint and sanding some away as each day passes, becoming a record of being. Occasional representation appears to us out of sheer color, a bird, a highway cloverleaf; these shapes and symbols lead us into Paper’s daily existence, and the fulcrum between now and 6 minutes ago, what takes flight and what remains.

Using images in advertising from the 1960’s and earlier, Sunny Payson investigates the identity of America through the persistent history of spending in our culture. Painting models and products of an era before her time, Payson recreates a world of which she has no memory.

Sara Pedigo’s work hovers between presence and loss. Fixing time by drawing and painting selected moments from her family album, Pedigo allows us to witness a mirrored record of her past, extending the life of a photographic memory into a sustained and poignant experience of reconnection. Another mirror appears as we recall our own familial relationships, flashbulb-illuminated in our minds.
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