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Astral Projections + Sound By Death By Audio

Secret Project Robot
210 Kent Ave
April 12 - May 4, 2008
Reception: Saturday, April 12, 7 - 10 PM
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an Audio Visual Sculpture show and Installation

Featuring Work by >>>Death by Audio >>>Bradley Eros >>>Wizard Smoke from Lights >>>Zach Layton >>>Josh Thorson, “Grotto” >>>Sam Zimmerman>>>Jean Angel and Disney NASAborg >>>Mighty Robot A/V >>>Brock Monroe and Nick Hallet

Though the 20th Century sought to deconstruct the ideological nature of man made artwork by instilling methods of mass production, mediation and the later use of post structuralist criticism- the denial of the artistic aura may have actually transferred it to the machine. Though the machine was originally seen as the emancipator, meant to negate the ritual and genius behind art by destroying its origin, the 21st century has seen it become the grounds for new ritual and new methods of authenticity and creation.

In fact, the anthropomorphism of the machine has given it a higher cultural value than even past masterpieces and works of art- for the object without origin is closer to god than, even the object created by the genius. The machine coming from benign intentions has manifested itself as the dominate force in all post industrialist nations, leaving it with a holiness that people are compelled to worship for fear of its wrath- or “electronic instability”

The machine has become the main path for the transfer of signals and data creating in one sense a very real electronic aura and in another a symbolic and anthropological one. It is the framework for future myths and personifications.

Astral Projections then emphasizes the use of electronic media as a way to reconnect with the spiritual. Through the creation of audio visual sculpture, structures will investigate the new religious curiosity surrounding the machine and construct new items of our collective unconscious. The sculptures will in a literal sense project on to the physical world what the mind is meant to experience in the ethereal.

Living in a digital era A/V sculptors may appropriate images and objects from mass culture, much like the shrine or totems of the past did in their own time. Low tech dollar store light boxes or televisions left on the curbside may be used with high-tech computers, cameras, and projectors to create new semantic messages on the way meaning and spirituality is processed in a technologically based society.

Audio Visual Sculpture explores the synthesis of Audio Visual Content with three-dimensional form. Digital artists can freely experiment with the genre and make sculptures that subvert our usual way of looking at cinematic output- creating new relationships with the viewer, sound and image. By bringing the mechanization to view, A/V sculpture then, is a way to understand digital content as an object with a living aura rather than a simulation.
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