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Autoversion 01

Autoversion, LTD
453 West 17th Street, 4th floor, 212-242-0060
April 25 - June 14, 2008
Reception: Friday, April 25, 6 - 8 PM
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On Friday, April 25th, Autoversion Ltd recaps its first year of exhibitions with AUTOVERSION 01.

The artist roster includes filmmaker, painter, & installation artist, John Brattin. Brattin’s work draws inspiration from fairy tales, early Hollywood films, Disney classics, and horror movie masterpieces. Included here are a selection of photographic stills drawn from three of Brattin’s major film productions, Funeral (1995), The Long Corridor (1997), and The Season of Sadness (1998).

Painter, Mikey DeMoula aims to continue a visual narrative left over from some of rock history’s most legendary icons. DeMoula’s album-cover-art inspired paintings elaborate on rock heroes Robert Plant, Robert Palmer, and J Mascis. Included in the show is J’s Hair, capturing the musician’s hair long, tangled, & gray with no face included.

Photographer, Robin Graubard imbues inclusive and attractive elements into outsiders and the outlaw mystique. Graubard’s photo installations suggest a low-key awareness of fiction and an expressive sense of psychology. Her subjects are unveiled with a simplicity that marks strong emotional content and heavy crime-drama ethos.

US-Born, Austrian painter, Stephen Mathewson creates episodic artworks combining narrative with improvisational painting. His work lies somewhere between comic books and television soap operas. Mathewson’s narrative unfolds through a series of surreal and heartbreaking vignettes rendered on canvas, paper, and in large-scale murals.

British-born painter, Mary Nicholson layers broad expressionistic brushstrokes underneath her ecstatic & melancholic pop portraits. Nicholson combines pop and abstract expressionism to capture still moments from contemporary films. Reminiscent of Warhol, yet dripping with post-punk sentimentality, Nicholson’s paintings works capture movie stars with graceful clarity and elegant control.

The show also features artists in the gallery’s group shows. They include Paul Brainard, Fritz Chesnut, Pia Dehne, Amy Finkbeiner, Sissel Kardel and more.
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