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The Garage
273 Hancock Avenue, 201-993-9561
Jersey City
April 27 - May 11, 2008
Reception: Sunday, April 27, 2 - 5 PM
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Margaret Murphy and The Garage are proud to present TXT MSG a multimedia exhibition featuring the works of five New York area artists who through the use of text explore themes as varied as the latest political campaign to ones own personal identity. Narrative is an important component to all the work in this exhibition. In keeping with the mission of The Garage to offer opportunities to artists whose work is site specific John Boone created TXT MSG SAMPLER on the garage door. In this installation John has used his signature hand painted digital font to create a visual conversation between two texters.

The exhibition continues inside with a new Polaroid installation by Brendan Carroll titled Money Shot. 100 photographs of family and friends taken over the past two years, they are all seen from behind leaving only the anecdotal narratives typed on the bottom of the polaroid to fill in the story.

Book and installation artist Sam Larson created The American Collection: Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte a site specific installation that plays with Marx’s idea of historic events occurring twice, first as tragedy then as farce. Using this idea as a point of departure Larson applies this concept to the current presidential campaign set in an American living room.

In the intimate and personal drawings of Evonne Davis text is used as a way to explore identity. The text in this case is literally “between the lines” of her fingerprints, her unique stamp.

Peter Duffin is a book artist whose books draw on the histories of art and design to develop new ways of telling stories. His books force an interaction with the view [reader] and challenges our notions of narrative structure.

Curated by Margaret Murphy, director of The Garage, TXT MSG includes work by John Boone, Brendan Carroll, Evonne Davis, Peter Duffin, Sam Larson.
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