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Visible Storage Area Three

Division Museum of Ceramics and Glassware
259 10th Avenue, 917-514-7101
May 16 - June 21, 2008
Reception: Friday, May 16, 6 - 8 PM
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The Division Museum of Ceramics and Glassware is pleased to announce the temporary relocation of its permanent collection to 259 W 10th Avenue, located in the West Chelsea art district of New York. This public presentation of Visible Storage Area Three, the third branch of the Museum’s ever growing Visible Storage Area, represents a new direction for the institution. No longer situated in its former Chinatown location, the museum has become a traveling entity, using the form of the temporary exhibition to facilitate the collection’s exposure to the public.

Founded in 2004, the Museum began as a personal collection of damaged ceramic and glass items, primarily everyday items of food preparation and consumption. In 2006, the private collection became accessible to the public through the erection of the Museum’s Chinatown exhibition space at 141 Division Street, New York, NY. At this time, generous donations of broken ceramic and glass items, all formerly owned by the Friends and Founders of the Division Museum of Ceramics and Glassware, allowed the collection to flourish. In January of 2008, the Museum lost its exhibition space due to a real estate boom in the neighborhood.

The success of the Division Museum at its original location came from both the strength and visibility of its permanent collection. Through its renowned Visible Storage system, established in 2007, every piece in the collection was on view to visitors at all times. Part museum storage, part exhibition space, Visible Storage allowed everything the museum holds to be simultaneously preserved and displayed. With the newest iteration of our display structure, Visible Storage Area Three, we are pleased continue our tradition of uninterrupted, uncurated display. Within our new temporary location, we are pleased to make the entire collection accessible to the public.
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