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Fellow Traveler

Riviera Gallery
103 Metropolitan Avenue, corner of Wythe, 718-599-5589
May 8 - May 31, 2008
Reception: Thursday, May 8, 7 - 10 PM
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Fellow Traveler is new work by three Brooklyn artists originally from the American midwest. Like many immigrants, they celebrate their shared origins, but are also interested in where their individual paths diverge. Fellow Travelers are not adherents to a school or aesthetic, they are sympathetic allies with a shared perspective that refuse to be limited or defined by geography.

Justin Fines, Dan Funderburgh, and Kevin Devine employ rubbing, serigraphy, and laser etching to create a trilateral conversation on poetry, conspiracy theories, ergonomics, and mortality.

Dan Funderburgh Dan Funderburgh is the son of two biologists and spent several of his formative years in Kansas. His wallpapers, drawings, prints and installations are based on dreams and lies and are driven by an unabashed love for decorative arts from around the world. Some of Dan’s wallpaper designs have been accepted into the Cooper-Hewitt’s permanent collection. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Justin Fines Justin Fines is an artist/designer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Detroit, Michigan.

Kevin Devine Kevin Devine – I read the other day that scientists in Geneva are using a particle accelerator to get a glimpse of what the beginning of the universe looked like by colliding atoms and observing the energy released from the impact. They are being sued because there is an off chance that they will accidentally create a black hole that would in turn consume the Earth and our solar system, creating a raging raucous all around. I hope one day I might create artwork that can rattle imaginations, conjure questions and provoke terror at a level even a millionth of what these guys are doing.

‘Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.’ – Roy Adzak
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