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Eduardo Cervantes, Keraunothenetophobias and Multispectral Plain Scanning

Heskin Contemporary
443 West 37th, Ground Floor, 212.967.4972
Hell's Kitchen
May 15 - June 21, 2008
Reception: Thursday, May 15, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

Eduardo Cervantes has created a large series of equally sized monochromatic paintings. He is working simultaneously within two imaginative views titled “The Keraunothnatophobias” and the “Multispectral Plain”.

Keraunothnetophobias—is the contraction of three Greek words (Keraunos: Thunderbolts, Thanatos: Death, Phobos: Fear) used to describe a fear of satellites falling to earth; an irrational anxiety with an almost impossible likelihood of happening. In the Keraunothnatophobias series, Cervantes creates a chaotic environment of postmodern architecture; a merging of what looks reminiscent of radar antennas, nuclear facilities and power plants. In the words of the artist: “refuges for an imminent collapse of a manmade satellite”. These forgotten dysfunctional carcasses of space-junk pierce the atmosphere and appear as the remains from a now defunct mechanical era.

In the contrasting Multispectral Plain series, the artist creates a personal poetry of landscapes and seascapes resulting in stark visions, places familiar with experiences and memories. In these created settings they are their own kingdoms beyond or aside the spoken or written word…..the unlimited horizon where strange things may fall out of the sky!

Eduardo Cervantes was born in Mexico City in 1966; he is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His work has been exhibited in Latin America, The United States, Canada and Europe.
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