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KS Art
73 Leonard Street, 212-219-9918
Tribeca / Downtown
May 16 - June 10, 2008
Reception: Friday, May 16, 5 - 7 PM
Web Site

KS Art presents NOISE/ART a group exhibition curated by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. This show represents the living phenomena of underground noise musicians who work contemporaneously as visual artists and who utilize the ephemera and product of noise music, both improvised and composed, as a primary forum for their expression.

Noise, experimental, avant-garde, no wave, post-punk, art-rock etc has always had a distinct relationship with art-world history. Today’s noise music scene distinguishes itself as a community sharing ideas through the immediacy of internet connectivity and the raw tradition of playing shows in basements and rented spaces across the country and around the globe.

The visual aspects of this scene are in equal measure to the music as a primary aspect of the performance is a merchandise table of cassettes, private press LPS, fanzines, clothing, art-books etc as well as the noise gear itself: amplifiers, instruments, noise making machines and implements all having the artists’ personal yet shared aesthetic involved. NOISE/ART while international in scope can only be a sampling of this high-energy sub-strata of artists as it is mutating constantly in the underground.

Artists presented in NOISE/ART: Dennis Tyfus, Maya Miller, John Olson, Noise Nomads, Bill Nace, Leslie Keffer, Chris Forgues, Alivia Zivich, Chris Pottinger, Nate Young, Robert Beatty, Nathan Bowers, Charlie Draheim, Dylan Nyoukis, nik rizili, Mike Haley, Matt Heyner, Kim Gordon, Kate Csillagi, Twig Harper, Adriane Schramm, Marcia Bassett, Pat Maher, Max Eisenberg, Carly Ptak, Mike Connelly, Carol Sandlin Kelly, Sam Mckinlay, Heath Moerland and Angela Messina.

Concurrent with the opening weekend of the show will be live performances in the gallery by a select group of noise musicians/artists.

In 2009 Picturebox Books will publish NOISE/ART as an artists book edited by Thurston Moore. The book will be primarily a visual survey of the art as presented by noise musicians as displayed on the thousands of arcane and obscure cassette releases the past decade.
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