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Un Named Rottens; New works by Beau Velasco, Daniel St. George, and Jeremiah Maddock

Factory Fresh
1053 Flushing Avenue, 917-682-6753
June 28 - July 21, 2008
Reception: Saturday, June 28, 6 - 11 PM
Web Site

Un Named Rottens is a collaborative exhibition featuring new works from New York-based artists Beau Velasco, Daniel St. George 2nd, and Jeremiah Maddock. Un Named Rottens will showcase works that look at the primal side of the human psyche and its relation to us in the modern society. The three artists share similar views on how they view the world, as well as a dark, humorous, and, at times, cryptic visual narrative.

Jeremiah Maddock’s latest body of work is an expansion of past works and his ever expanding narrative. Maddock has recently moved to Brooklyn from his rural life in the Washington woodlands to find himself among the emerging artists of the New York art scene. Maddock’s works are his own attempts to create the purest expression of existence, totally free from external conditioning and undefiled by compromise. His language is a crystal-clear spring flowing with Machiavellian-like “musical hieroglyphics.” At times disconcerting, his works possess a certain candor and delve into the perception of the supernatural in every form.

Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd visually narrates his own life through writing, cryptic symbolism, and popular culture imagery while he creates his own mythology and redefines the context of how things are viewed in relation to one another. His works juxtapose images with text creating a new relationship between the two. He struggles with the idea of what it is to be human—selfish, scared, loving, and rejected. In his new work on found, stolen, discarded paper, and objects, he embraces the ideas of rejection and loss. Currently living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Daniel St. George attended Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida but never finished his degree.

Beau Velasco is an artist with no formal training now living and working Brooklyn, New York. Beau grew up on rural farms in the Australian outback & in his early 20s he moved to Untied States in order to future pursue Noise-Pop music with his sometimes band The DeathSet. Velasco is currently tattooing in Harlem while constantly creating new art and writing music for his new band Giantize. When asked about his art Beau replies “Fuck you, I love you. ” This is his message for the world today.
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