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Visions of the Figure: From Where We Stand

Repetti (old location)
44-02 23rd Street, 4th floor, 718-670-3226
Long Island City
June 25 - July 27, 2008
Reception: Wednesday, June 25, 7 - 9 PM
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Richard Bosman, Chuck Bowdish, Nick Carone, George Cochrane, John Dubrow, Bruce Gagnier, Marianne Gagnier, Elisa Jensen, Catherine Lepp, Ron Milewicz, Graham Nickson, Torild Stray, and Deirdre Swords.


The world may go on without us, but our perception of the world will not. Which is to say that we all see the world in our own way, and our take on what we see has a lot to do with who we are, what we believe, and where we’ve been.

In ways both subtle and obvious the way that we see, and the way that we communicate what we see, are the result of the landscape in which we live. And by landscape I mean not only the rocks and trees and the buildings, but also our language , our beliefs, the music we listen to, what we have and what we don’t have.

The artists collected in this show are all fluent in the language of the image, and they’ve used it to talk about light, beauty, feelings of isolation or the desire for knowledge or innocence. Their paintings, drawings and sculpture describe their experience so exactly, so compellingly, that the viewer can see a vision of the world through the artist’s eyes.

They also understand that the figure and the landscape are not entirely separate entities, but not part of a single cloth either. The fact is that man changes the landscape, and the landscape establishes the identity for the man. Like art, life is a constant push and pull of influences.

—Elisa Jensen, Brooklyn – June 2008
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