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Terence Hannum, Threnody

Invisible NYC
148 Orchard Street, between Stanton and Rivington, 212-228-1358
East Village / Lower East Side
July 3 - August 2, 2008
Reception: Thursday, July 3, 7 - 9 PM
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Invisible NYC is proud to host a solo-exhibit by multi-media artist, Terence Hannum. Mr. Hannnum received his M.F.A. from Art Institute of Chicago, he has lectured at campuses across the U.S. and has been represented in numerous critically acclaimed solo and group shows. Mr. Hannum, who received the CAAP Grant in 2006, has also authored a number of widely sought after publications.

The paintings and drawings in “Threnody” all originate with video documentation of hardcore bands. The images capture the fractions of a second immediately before and after the instant when a flash erupts from a camera marking a point of recognition by someone in the crowd. The arcs of activity and connection extend. Vocalists are suspended, mouths open. Hands, heads in the crowd, amps and chunks of architecture are re corded. The original composition shifts while colors blur and forms merge. The images are not a single point in time but rather a brief moment slowed to crawl. Hannum uses video to find ruptures in continuity, to isolate an elusive micro-event from within the narrative of the show, in turn liberating the insistence of correspondence in video, and map the ghosts of youth culture.

The exhibition will also include the single channel video projection “Flash/Flash” which is composed of a garland of flashes from live videos the artist had shot and accumulated of different hardcore bands from different eras. “Flash/Flash” draws and reflects on the many shows populated by photographers and a desire to document the underground, both be the artist and the spectators. These camera flashes would normally be edited out of or hidden within a video, but here they create a new rhythm and open the documentary quality of video to a more vulnerable place, the wash and shapes created by the flashes that inform Hannum’s paintings.

The ! show pre sents Mr. Hannumn’s work not just as the visual composition of the painting/drawing as an object but rather in conjunction with the video piece, creating the environment of movement, sound, light, color, lack of color, and adrenaline inherent in a live performance. It’s an experience captured in cropped and selective moments each encapsulating a particular moment and yet working together to recreate and further to reinvent the subject – the event.
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