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ChinaSquare New York
545 West 25th Street, 8th floor, 212-255-8886
July 2 - July 28, 2008
Reception: Thursday, July 10, 6 - 12 PM
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ChinaSquare Gallery New York is pleased to present Germinators, a group featuring Cao Jingping, Chen Wei, Li Jikai, Liao Yibai, Ma’chunfu, Qu Jieheng, Unmask, Wang Haiyang, Wang Tiantian, Wang Yaqiang, and Zhang Peng. Germinators, on view from July 2nd to 28th with a reception on July 10th from 6 to 8pm, is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue with an essay by Eric C. Shiner.

Germinators includes the work of 11 up-and-coming artists from China and Taiwan, whose work deeply addresses and begins to strip bare the reality of the radical change and societal restructuring that is playing out across the domestic landscape today. Much like a seed nestled deep within the earth that gradually sends out shoots struggling to break free in pursuit of the sun, the work presented in Germinators is equally engaged in the germination of a wholly new social landscape that grows in leaps and bounds as it both analyzes that growth and becomes part of it in equal measure.

As China and Taiwan continue their radical journey into uncharted territory, so, too, do artists living there engage in a most-intriguing game that attempts to make light of the new world around them. The works included in this exhibition, in all of its raw and powerful imagery, seem to fuse notions of organic bodies colliding with technology and the future, and at times with Nature itself. All of it points directly to the stark realities of contemporary life in these two cultures marked by constant flux. Looking carefully at the artists’ works, it soon becomes apparent that, for them, change is a most fertile field from which to draw subject matter.
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