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Alix Pearlstein, After The Fall


The Kitchen
512 West 19th Street, 212-255-5793
September 5 - October 18, 2008
Reception: Friday, September 5, 6 - 8 PM
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To open the Fall 2008 season, The Kitchen will present a new, Kitchen commissioned, four-channel video installation by the New York-based artist Alix Pearlstein. Titled After the Fall, this new project explores the psychological, emotional, and social underpinnings of human relationships and group dynamics, tapping into the essential nature of power and competition.

Analogous to Pearlstein’s earlier work that operates in a realm between the theatrical and the cinematic, After The Fall reveals multiple perspectives on a confrontation between two sets of actors/characters through four simultaneous, circling long takes, staged within the context of the black box theater. Akin to a modern day parable, After the Fall captures dramas of passion and intimacy, trust and betrayal, dependency and vulnerability that are described through minimally scripted and loosely choreographed actions and reflect conflicts between characters over issues of access, territory, and dominance.
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