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Summertime USA

White Box
525 West 26th Street, 212-714-2347
August 14 - August 30, 2008
Reception: Thursday, August 14, 6 - 8 PM
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For the sixth exhibition of the Six Feet Under: Elections/ Final Charade summer program at White Box, Ryan Finn has gathered a small group of American artists to show work under the concept of the phrase SUMMERTIME USA!

In someone else’s words, Finn warmly attempts to bring the energy of this phrase to light.

“SUMMERTIME- that frivolous, vibrant stretch of months that throbs hot with life is suddenly upon us. “Green spaces” become busy and populated. Cool “blue spaces,” increase their allure. For this exhibition, I’ll be temporarily putting aside the boats, the racing, my solo sailing life to wash up in New York city, to strip off and luxuriate in old memories, carefree and childish, your old memories, carefree and childish.

Inexpensive, alluring, messy and comforting, consider childhood from the perspective of an adult. Yet from the perspective of an adult, childhood is elusive, temporary, fun, but a corrupted, no-return reality. As we grow older, what does the meaning of summer become? This is an invitation to rummage through the wreckage of our youth, salvage what we can and pretend.”

SUMMERTIME USA! is fundamentally split into two groups of artists. In one group we have artists Ryan Swanson, Edward Schexnider, Kate Cromwell, Clay Nix, and dgennifer who have created work specifically for this closed show with the phrase SUMMERTIME USA! in mind. The resulting body of work is an aggressive, sometimes sad and often humorous romp through symbols of the past.

The other group is made up of artists Debra Swack, Meredith Allen, Kent Rogowski, and Monica Banks, who have been chosen for previously created sculptural, photographic or multimedia works which happen to reflect the theme of (SUMMERTIME USA!).

Opening to the public on Thursday August 14th, the show will then be viewed through the front window of White Box, unless you are ten years old or younger and have parental supervision. Parents, however, will not be allowed to enter the gallery. Popsicles and balloons made to dgennifer’s specifications will be available at the opening, and throughout the week, at no charge.
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