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AIKO, Shut Up & Look

Brooklynite Gallery
334 Malcolm X Blvd, 347-405-5976
Brooklyn Misc.
September 13 - October 11, 2008
Reception: Saturday, September 13, 7 - 9 PM
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Brooklynite Gallery is proud to present the opening of AIKO’s solo exhibit, “Shut Up and Look”. An exploration of female form and character, caught between the two places AIKO calls home: Brooklyn and Tokyo. Powerful towering visions of feminine identity, in all its

mystical facets of nurturing guidance and devious seduction, peer from the gentle decay of their surroundings. This will be her first solo venture since recent split from FAILE collective where she was a founding member, and created her now iconic visions of fairy tale nightmares and pulp-fiction seduction. Free to explore the themes of romance, morality, and religion that were at times, only glimmers within those formerly pooled images—-each canvas is a fully realized and

independent spirit. Combining her mastery of stenciling, with brushwork and spray-paint to recreate the urban decay of her work on the city streets, her integral contributions to the collective become apparent, as these urban vixens embody all the sexuality, spirit, and pop-culture sensibilities that informed her earlier work.

Being given the honor of moderating Brooklyn Museum’s “Visual Release: Gender, Art, Representation and Exchange,” as part of the museum’s Love and Pop symposium, and guest speaking at “Envisioning Japan: Creative Dialogues with the Wider World” during the Murakami symposium were only a hint of Lady AIKO’s academic side. She has lectured StreetArt/Grafitti at Kyoto Art and Design University, and taught with street art’s famed historians, Martha Cooper and Charlie Ahern, at the School of Visual Art, NY.

Recent shows have included a steady stream of group show presence such as Heart Throb, Independent Residents, Behind the Scene and Pop Subversion, capped off with PINK / AIKO: Brick Ladies of NYC, with fellow maven of the pavement, Lady Pink. Kid Robot has even given her the greatest defense against the buffer: her famed spray can bunnies have come to life in full vinyl glory.

AIKO’s solo exhibition will rock the crowd old school style with a musical performance by the legendary rap group Soul Sonic Force. The ensemble, which was led by Afrika Bambaataa in the 80’s, helped establish the hip-hop genre with hits such as “Planet Rock.”

Brooklynite Gallery is located at 334 Malcolm X Blvd. (between Decatur & Bainbridge Streets) Brooklyn, NY 11233, just two blocks from the Utica Ave. subway stop on the A or C subway lines. Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday 1:00pm -7:00pm or by appointment. For all press inquiries, contact Hope McGrath at ASHA, 917-747-9751or [email protected]
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