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Sense and Sensitivity

AG Gallery/About Glamour
107A North 3rd Street, 718-599-3044
September 19 - November 16, 2008
Reception: Friday, September 19, 7 - 10 PM
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AG Gallery is pleased to present “Sense and Sensitivity”, a group exhibition of six artists who create their own psychological landscapes by expressing different ways of connection between human and nature. They offer the audiences to “sense” intangible objects around us in the world of sensitivity. By sensing them, the audience creates his/her own connection to the work and the world where he/she is living in. The exhibition consists mainly of works on paper with gouache, watercolor, graphite, and ink.

Diane Barcelowsky creates her own fairly tale in a lively vivid colored landscape where humans and animals coexist equally. Elia Bettaglio is often inspired by the film director, David Lynch, and constructs an ambiguous mindscape of how humans sense objects/ atmospheres around them. Jojo Li collects images of daily objects and makes connection between them with environmental elements to create an abstract scene. Susan Maddux expresses the interaction between nature and non-nature, searching the idea of paradise in our culture. Amie Robinson’s watercolor drawing offers an extraordinary moment where humans and nature meet in a utopian landscape. Brieana Ruais investigates where history and present-day cultures intersect and explores the possibility of its growth and decay.
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