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Introduction: Future Dialogues

Dean Project
45-43 21st Street, 718-706-1462
Long Island City
September 27 - November 2, 2008
Reception: Saturday, September 27, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

DEAN PROJECT is thrilled to present “Introduction: Future Dialogues”; this group exhibition presents works by selected emerging artists whom will be part of DEAN PROJECT gallery program 2008-2009.

In our commitment in providing a platform to emerging artists we have selected from hundreds of submissions and dozens of studio visits over our first year DEAN PROJECT has curated “Introduction: Future Dialogues”. This group exhibition consists of paintings and works on paper by seventeen emerging artists whose works we are proud to introduce.

The artists in this exhibition will be part of the art fairs and gallery program during the 2008-2009 season. These artists represent a reflection of current ideas in contemporary art; mass and social popular culture, materiality and process in painting and works based on personal narratives.

These artists will be included in the following exhibitions; Scope London art fair Oct 16-19, Scope Miami art fair December 3-7, “BaRoC&OcoPop” January 8th -February 8th 2009 an exhibition of works based on the current trend of linking imagery from Baroque, Rococo and Pop art movements to address contemporary popular culture ideas in art. In addition “Of Another Nature” from February 12th – March 8th 2009, which explores the use of mythological and fictional references by contemporary artists to develop narratives in their work fueled by personal experiences.

Included artists:

Ryan Bartley Nicholas Kashian Karlos Carcamo Nickolas Lascot Adin de Masi Dan Levenson Bryan Drury Colette Murphy Jason Dunda Jacob Ouillette Carl Eckhoff Carol Peligian J.J. Garfinkel Keer Tanchak Quintin Gonzalez Mary Ting Erika Harrsch
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