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Garret Linn

3LD Art & Technology Center
80 Greenwich Street
Tribeca / Downtown
October 23 - November 1, 2008
Reception: Saturday, October 25, 5 - 9 PM
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A multi video/film installation by Garret Linn entitled The Perpetual Tourist comprising three pieces made between 1992 and 2008 including the New York premiere of the feature film AUTOMOBILUX

“Traditional art cinema is dying, and I feel I must try to reinvent what “film as art” means and how we look at it. Now is the time for something new.” “These artworks confront issues of locality, travel and memory, and together they try to expand the experience of cinema and the moving image.” – Garret Linn

Garret Linn is an artist working in the space between cinema and art. His current installations are trying to separate out the narrative elements of film from the limitations of the movie going experience.

He has embraced new technology to reinvent film in the tradition of the gentlemen scientists of the turn of the twentieth century. “I think of technology as a raw material that needs to be bent and altered to produce a new medium for artistic and personal expression.” – Garret Linn

3LD Art & Technology Center introduces Garret Linn’s work as part of an exciting new program to increase cultural activities around the World Trade Center area. The 3LD Media Arts Program (3LD MAP) will exhibit new multimedia artworks at 3LD to the public.

automobilux is a feature length film loop, presented in a continuous screening, giving each viewer an opportunity to have a unique understanding of the film’s poetic narrative. The film is a travelogue of the waking dream state that travel induces. The film’s lush images (entirely shot with a point and shoot digital camera) from Europe, South America and the U.S. combined with music by Bowery Electric provides a meditation on the memories and visions of travel by an unseen traveller. – Presented in NYC for the first time.

24hour chinatown is an interactive installation on the windows of The 3LD Art and Technology Center. Once an hour over the course of a single day Mr Linn walked the periphery of the city block where he lives. On each transit of this boundary he filmed the seven minutes trip. The films are presented in order and the viewer is invited to tap on the window glass to jump forward in time, thus allowing the viewer to see a specific space over time. The artist is asking questions of how we experience time and how we interact with often ignored familiar spaces.

:Colors :Chinatown a continuation of an older work by Mr Linn, presented originally in Italy in 1992. New York’s Chinatown is presented as an abstraction of the colors and surfaces in a continuous rush of visuals culled from videos of the streets of NYC’s Chinatown.
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