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Keiichi Tanaami, Spiral

525 West 29th Street, 2nd floor, 212-505-0994
May 28 - June 24, 2005
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A solo exhibition of Tokyo-based artist Keiichi Tanaami. His most recent works are printed on eighteen 56 X 38 inches canvases. This show will also celebrate the release of his new book Spiral. The 159-page soft-covered bilingual book features Tanaami’s recent works, including Tanaami Keiichi X Ukawa Naohiro Exhibition “Disco University” (2004), Poster: Exhibition “The World of Can Labels” (2002), Big Helping on Female Body Sweets (2005), Live Painting ANIMACTIONS!! Tanaami Keiichi + Aihara Nobuhiro (2004), Rug made collaboration (2003), MARY QUANT LONDON + Keiichi Tanaami (2003), Tanaami Keiichi “Ascension Furniture” + “Whimsical City” (2004), Picture Book for BRUTUS bambini (2005), Wonder Girl Mantle at SWAROWSKI exhibition (2004).

Concurrently with this exhibition, there will be “Keiichi Tanaami “Graphic Works 1968-2005”, Tanaami’s 40 silkscreen poster exhibition at The Showroom NYC (117 2nd Av. at 6th street, 212-673-5424, May 28th through June 3rd, 1-7pm).

Keiichi Tanaami’s creative style, brimming with psychedelic power, has made him extremely popular with today’s youth. He was a pioneer of magazine design in the 1960s and is a veteran of avant-garde and underground cultures.
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