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Kenjiro Kitade, Playground :: Kitade Art II

hpgrp Gallery
32-36 Little West 12th Street, 2nd Floor, 212-727-2491
Greenwich Village
October 10 - November 9, 2008
Reception: Friday, October 10, 6 - 8 PM
Web Site

Kenjiro Kitade creates a playground of innocence tinged with our world’s despair, an atmosphere of movement and involvement bridging the gap between art and the observer. People are encouraged to interact with and react to the pieces, and the artist wants people to feel free to touch to experience. A changeable show, the artist will rearrange the configuration throughout the show’s run, emphasizing the time flow and activity of kids at play.

Little boy and girl lambs are playing innocently with gas masks on their faces, but why?

It seems to me the world we live in today is full of anxiety, distrust and despair, these negative emotions crushing us into small pieces. Nowadays, we can’t trust products to be 100% safe. The economy of this super power that seemed steadfast is now falling apart. Never ending conflicts among cultures, races and nations leave the world in great fear for our security. Environmental concerns are too big and heavy, and it almost feels impossible to find a way out. And the list goes on.

This anxiety, distrust and despair grows in our hearts and minds, turning into fear. The little boy and girl lambs wear their gas masks to symbolize these fears.

Adults created the world as it is now, making it almost impossible and seemingly meaningless for the kids to dream and hope for a bright future. However, to hope and dream gives us the power to overcome these difficulties and trust a better future. Kids mirror the actions of adults, and if adults stop hoping and dreaming, how can the kids then hope for and dream a better future?

Adults need to work hard being upright and generous to be good role models for kids. I’m hoping for the day when these little boy and girl lambs can take off their masks.
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