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MetroTech Center
between Jay Street and Flatbush Avenue, 212-721-5350
Brooklyn Misc.
November 7, 2008 - September 25, 2009
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A group show of new and recent works by Ethan Breckenridge, Francis Cape, Martha Friedman and Sara Greenberger Rafferty

  • Featuring new commissions and recent works by 4 artists
  • Works use or refer to recognizable objects whose properties are exaggerated or altered in one way or another
  • Artists convey an overarching sense of transition or metamorphosis in works that appear to be changing appearance, moving, disappearing or melting


  • Ethan Breckenridge – sculpture composed of 100 standard, functional furniture dollies, piled on top of another to a height of 16 ft.
  • Francis Cape – Two free-standing sculptures using pieces of furniture, sections of wainscoting and portions of walls
  • Martha Friedman – 7ft.-tall sculpture of a waffle submerged in a thick pool that suggests “syrup”
  • Sara Greenberger Rafferty – 7ft.-tall Plexiglas tank that is empty, aside from ropes and chains in a pile inside, giving the impression that an escape artist has broken free
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