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Cornrow Rider, Eliza Swann and Jason Grabowski

USSA Fine Arts
109 South 5th Street , #204, 718-305-1676
November 7 - December 19, 2008
Reception: Friday, November 7, 6 - 10 PM
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USSA Fine Arts proudly presents Cornrow Rider, Eliza Swann and Jason Grabowski in a group show composed of two collaborative exhibits.

Cornrow Rider is multi-media collective based in Brooklyn. Their work is founded on calling attention to the structures of society that keep us living in a state of purgatory. “Our work is just trying to make people question shit you know what I mean?” The installation is made up of two sculptures and one video projection entitled Show Pony, Legend of the falls and Sponsor me, the hand written letter to the summer sensation Olafur Eliasson.

For centuries and across many cultures the human body was believed to mirror the cosmos in miniature, and was used to illustrate certain theological ideas by comparing the elements contained within the universe with the organs of the body, demonstrating their interdependence and mutual reinforcement and restraint. Eliza and Jason have created a composition of sculptures replicating their bodies to illustrate the Hermetic axiom “As above, so below”, in the tradition of the hieros gamos, or divine marriage, between male and female as well as between mankind and star.

CORNROW RIDER has exhibited in museums and galleries such as, The Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk VA, The Rawls museum of art, Courtland VA, Artist Television Access, San Francisco CA, and Union Gallery, New York, NY, Harper Street Cinema, London, UK, and Boulevard es Brezsny Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.

Eliza Swann has shown at Manhattan Theatre Source, New York NY, Office Ops, New York, NY, Hermitage, Beacon, NY, The Auric Temple Brooklyn, NY, The Walter Mcbean Gallery, San Francisco, CA, The Balazo Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Brewery Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Jason Grabowski recent exhibitions include Fuse Gallery, New York, NY, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA, Manhattan Theatre Source, New York, Alcove, New York, NY, and the Tribes Gallery, New York NY. He is the cofounder of Push- art and poetry publication NY/SF.
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