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Pelavin Gallery, LLC
13 Jay Street, 212-925-9424
Tribeca / Downtown
December 3, 2008 - January 3, 2009
Reception: Wednesday, December 3, 6 - 8 PM
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Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts is proud to announce an exhibition of over 42 works by artists that are long time friends and associates of the gallery and their artist friends. While discussing our new show with Edward Albee, a friend of the gallery and a neighbor, I worried that I did not know what to call it. *“Call it Friends” replied Mr. Albee, and “Friends” it is. We thank Edward Albee!

We are all witnessing many changes in our day to day lives and finding adjustment a necessity. At our gallery we too feel the need to change. The concept of creating an exhibition that would have an air of hope and celebration, a shift from our normal solo show format and bring in artists that we don’t know and have never shown before seemed a suitable challenge and change for us for this month of December, 2008.

We selected artists that we are currently involved with either as their gallery or publisher and invited them to show and to invite a friend to show with them. The result is a very lively mix of sculpture, painting, photography, digital art and drawing from artists covering six decades in age. The artists chose friends, partners, teachers, students and colleagues. There was no theme given, we suggested only a format not larger than 30 inches square and that the artists choose someone they really like as a friend and admire artistically. The show has coherence despite the 42 odd different works and artists. We are thrilled that this show serves as a demonstration of hope and embraces life in all its aspects.

Our participating artists and their friends

Susan Amons and Diane Bowie Zaitlin Katherine Bowling and Andrew Nash Katherine Bradford and Natasha Meyers Lisa Breslow and Nancy Rubens Catherine Courtenaye and Devin Dougherty Gregory Crane and Mu Pan Valentina DuBasky and Catherine Ramsey Carter Hodgkin and Sharon Lawless Agnes Jacobs and Cecily Firestein Robert Janz and Jennifer Kotter Cindy Kane and Holly Sumner Marc Katano and Nicole Katano Judith Linhares and Jessica Weiss Judith Miller and Ruth Leonard Margaret Neill and Susan Schroeder Cheryl Pelavin and Maris Beckerman Brian Pilliod and Jeremy Wagner Harriet Shorr and Barbara Kassel Auguste Rhonda Tymeson and Diana Jensen Mary Jo Vath and Tomomi Tanikawa Susan Wanklyn and Jill Levine
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