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Antonello Plantamura, Una Casa A Caso, (An Accidental Home)

Art Break
195 Grand Street , 718-302-1021
November 28 - December 22, 2008
Reception: Friday, November 28, 6 - 9 PM
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Artbreak Gallery proudly presents a collection of paintings by one of Italy’s most promising contemporary artists.

Presented in the U.S. for the first time, “UNA CASA A CASO” (An Accidental home), the collection of paintings by young Tuscany’s artist Antonello Plantamura, brings to New York, not only a glimpse of the new art in the old Continent but also, and most important, a reaffirmation of an old refreshing and for ever valuable quote: “If you can paint your Town, you can paint the World.” Tales of hope, desperation and love, farewells and welcomes, coincidences and separations in his beloved land are Plantamura’s inspirational tools for his magnificent collection of paintings. Aware or not of L.Tolstoi’s quote, with beautiful colors and forms, Plantamura delivers a warm Roberto Mitrotti, Plantamura’s critic, says: “The superficial subject of Antonello Plantamura’s paintings is the map of Italy. This is Italy in its basic shape, painted from memory, paint dragged wet across the canvas, outlines looking sticky, smearing, as if the country was disintegrating or fading from memory. It is always the same iconic boot but seen from different angles, sometimes seen in detail, even upended, ready to sink in a deep and seductive sea of blue. This is a love story or maybe a love/hate/love story. Love: the land, the flavors, the sea, and its real people. Hate: its provincialism, its political obtuseness, its cynicism. A social and political system stuck in time. Antonello’s paintings are red, white and green just like the Italian flag.”

“It is harder today to find a person living where he was born. He is easier to find in an accidental home, where he has landed out of necessity, or desperation, love, hope, curiosity or illusion. It is from these points that the issues I have wanted to deal with in this new pictorial cycle branch out. They extend in new directions, though preserving a unitary bird’s-eye view: a geographical, satellite-oriented view. Rather than in the single choices, I am interested in their combinations, separations and coincidences, good-byes and returns.” Antonello Plantamura
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