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Patrick Cuffe, Ben Godward, and Scott Wilson

The Laundromat
238 Melrose Street, 4th Floor, [email protected]
December 6 - December 6, 2008
Reception: Saturday, December 6, 6 - 10 PM
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The Laundromat is pleased to announce its next exhibition featuring artists Patrick Cuffe, Ben Godward, and Scott Wilson. This is a one day exhibition taking place on Saturday, December 6th. The gallery is open by appointment from 10am to 6pm. The reception will be from 6 to 10pm.

Cuffe’s sculptures are made of finely crafted wood, metal, and plastic elements. His work borrows from the construction, wood working, and metal working trades to create objects that deal with the temporary versus the long-lasting, the hand-made versus the mass-manufactured. His work contemplates the societal shift towards disposable culture while employing a precise and exhaustive craftsmanship. Cuffe is a Utica, NY-based artist, and a recipient of the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture award.

Wilson’s work reflects a transient studio practice afforded by an unusual work schedule. He creates fantastical mechanical drawings in ink on paper napkins. Because his work in the city allows for odd bits of time throughout the day, though not enough for a round trip to the studio, Wilson explores his ideas with the materials that are handy in coffee shops, diners, and cafes. His drawings suggest the inner workings of a mysterious and complex machine, while the margins of the page are often filled with intricate, sweeping cursive explanations of his imagined designs that call to mind the renaissance pairing of art and science. Wilson’s influences include mechanics, physics, mathematics, esoteric science and science fiction.

Godward employs plastic, rubber, found objects and urethane foam to create large, multi-colored combinations of gesture and form. On the surface, his sculptures resemble colorful abstract expressionistic paintings, but a closer look will reveal underlying themes of pop culture, ravenous consumption, even a suggestion of toxic waste. Godward exploits the viewers attraction to shiny, candy-colored objects, while simultaneously repulsing us with the endless cast-offs of our society. A Brooklyn-based artist, Godward has also exhibited recently in New York City at Moti Hassan Gallery and Pocket Utopia.
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