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The Labyrinth Wall: From Mythology to Reality

Exit Art
475 Tenth Avenue, corner 36th Street, 212-966-7745
Hell's Kitchen
December 14, 2008 - February 7, 2009
Reception: Sunday, December 14, 3 - 9 PM
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The Labyrinth Wall: From Mythology to Reality is an exhibition in which 50 artists will respond to the turbulent times in which we live, the complex — and often confusing — financial, military, and cultural crises in America. Responding to the sagging economy, the continued American presence in Iraq, and the crisis facing ordinary people who are losing jobs and homes, we at Exit Art felt the urgent need to present an exhibition that explored these aspects of our country and our culture. The Labyrinth Wall is an immediate reaction to these issues and uses the labyrinth as a metaphor for the difficult and tangled problems that America faces.

Exit Art will be re-configured into a maze constructed of fifty, 8×8 foot panels. Each artist will be given one wall on which to respond to the metaphor of the labyrinth and offer instructions on how to escape the issues we are confronted with. The labyrinth serves as a metaphor for the vexing problems that America, under a hopeful new presidential administration, must now navigate.

In Greek mythology, the labyrinth was an elaborate structure designed to hold the Minotaur, a creature that was half-man, half-bull. Designed for King Minos of Crete by Daedalus, the labyrinth was so serpentine and difficult to negotiate that Daedalus himself could barely find his way out. Today, America seems to have found itself at the center of a metaphorical labyrinth. We’ve become so deeply wound into an economic and political maze that our situation seems impossible to escape.

This exhibition also calls attention to the wall as a representation of a political barrier, used for either fortification or for segregation (such as the Berlin Wall or Great Wall of China), or as a form of communication (such as the activities of Chinese Democracy activists on what became known as the ‘Democracy Wall’).

Responding to the metaphors of the labyrinth and the wall in 2-dimensional media – such as painting, collage, photography, drawing, and stencil – the artists in this exhibition attempt to navigate the complicated issues threatening the way of American life. Curated by Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo. Concept by Papo Colo.

The process of making the walls of the Labyrinth will be open to the public from Tuesday, December 9 to Saturday, December 13. During this time Exit Art will be open 10am – 10pm, Tuesday – Friday, and 12pm – 10pm on Saturday.

ARTISTS Josh Abram Howard; John Ahearn; Madeleine Arthurs and P.S. 274, Brooklyn; Francisca Benitez; Liz Brown; Luis Camnitzer; Russell Christian; Tyler Coburn; Papo Colo; Ernest Concepcion; Anton van Dalen; Robert Danderov; Iliana Emilia Garcia; Mike Estabrook; Teo Freytes; John Fekner and Don Leicht; Scherezade Garcia; Rico Gatson; Guerra de la Paz; Peter Hildebrand; Vandana Jain and Doris Caciolo; Charles Juhasz-Alvarado; Jayson Keeling; Fawad Khan; Saeri Kiritani; Matthew Kirk; Christopher Knowles; Charles Koegel; Peter Kuper; Nora Ligorano and Marshal Reese; Joan Linder; Miguel Luciano; Yucef Mehri; Bryan Mesenbourg; Paul Miller; Marcus Morales; Irvin Morazan; Rune Olsen; Kevin Pyle; Beau Rhee; Rudy Royval; David Sandlin; Jacolby Satterwhite; Seher Shah; Dan Tague; Seth Tobocman; Lynne Yamamoto and Lucretia Knapp; Heeseop Yoon; Daniel Zeller
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