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Send Me Weeks and Weeks of Life.

673 Meeker
673 Meeker Avenue
December 19, 2008 - January 20, 2009
Reception: Friday, December 19, 6 - 9 PM

For its inaugural exhibition, the space at 673 Meeker will present a partially finished construction site, a hybridized architecture, which consists of existing walls, and new, yet to be completed walls. In this sense the space becomes an embryonic entity, waiting to receive the breath of life, the breath of art. It is a sculpture celebrating the pursuit of the unknown, and that is why it will present itself, incomplete. Drawing on a wide range of artistic tropes and even wearing it’s influences heavy on it’s sleeve, Send me weeks and weeks of life can be many things. It is an abstraction par excellence, a practical material exploration, a celebration of the process of making, and above all a symbol for a pioneering spirit.

We built it, and through it’s making, realized that it was already art. What a sweet surprise for a new beginning.

Please join us for the grand opening at 6 PM on Friday December 19, 2008.
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