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Ofri Cnaani, A Tale of Ends

(Le) Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street, 212-796-0741
Greenwich Village
January 21 - April 13, 2009
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The (Le) Poisson Rouge Art Gallery is pleased to present: A Tale of Ends, our first solo exhibit by New York- based artist, Ofri Cnaani. The show will consist of 1 light box, 8 works of ink on Mylar – all from the series Two Dimensional Days, a 9” video installation entitled Death Bed, and an original large-scale work at the gallery entrance.

Cnaani’s body of work expands upon the artist’s earlier investigations of power relations, gender roles and the nature of visuality. Allusions to the history of art and references to film abound in both series, with each drawing functioning as a single frame in a larger narrative.

Two Dimensional Days examines the confused relationship between subjects and objects, through a progression of episodes in the life of the series’ protagonist (the artist). Various art world figures- curators, dealers and collectors-are depicted in somewhat ambiguous spaces, alongside the art object they covet. The forgotten artist is destined for a short appearance and a long dissolve.

Death Bed takes inspiration from ancient Greek ceramics, using the same style of visual representation in order to allude to the never-ending cycle of life and death, concentrating on several fatal moments depicted in Greek mythology. Ultimately, each protagonist’s struggle ends in an escalating spiral of excessive violence.

When placed together, the two bodies of work explore the notions of untimely demise, the illusions of visible relevance, and the blindness of our untrained eye.

Cnaanis’ solo exhibitions include: Andrea Meislin Gallery; NYC, Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv; Pack Gallery, Milan; Haifa Museum of Art, Israel; Herzlyia Museum of Art, Israel. Cnaani is also a recent recipient of a Six Point Fellowship. Born and raised in Israel, Cnaani resides in New York City.
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